Georgia Bennett is a singer/songwriter who pairs ethereal vocals with a performance flavoured by jazz and folk influences. The daughter of well-known Australian Opera bass, Stephen Bennett, and the grand-daughter of Sydney orchestral musicians Gordon Bennett and Barbara Woolley, she grew up surrounded by music and  was always experimenting with eclectic styles and instruments. Her real passion as a soloist and songwriter, however, was sparked when one of her early-teen horse riding adventures landed her in hospital for 8 weeks with a broken back.


She used the time to properly learn how to play guitar and made her first serious attempts at writing songs. From then on she spent her teens doing countless live performances, at markets, festivals and a range of live music venues, and then went into the studio at the age of sixteen to record her first EP 'The Lonely Road'. In 2017 she moved to Melbourne to establish herself in the live music scene. She recently released her debut single ‘Midnight Train’ in collaboration with producer Ben Salter.
Georgia is currently travelling and performing in Europe, having started at the Irish Pub Marstal on Ærø Island in Denmark, where she recorded a Live Album.


Georgia Bennett Songwriter